Benefits Of Sandalwood

uses of SandalWood Sandalwood is really great herb. It has many uses. It has been used for beauty since long in India. It had been used for medication as well as for religious rituals. Different scientific researches have been shown the magic of sandal wood.

  1. It has been used in medicines.
  2. Sandal is used for making Fragrance. it has beautiful aroma.
  3.  It has cool effects. It has been use in preparing cool sandal drink.
  4. Sandal oil has been frequently used in cosmetics.
  5. Sandal oil has soothing effects. It can use to reduce body heat.
  6. Sandal is Antiseptic. It helps in reducing itching and allergy.
  7. Sandal is helpful in anti aging. Apply it by crushing sandal wood and milk to make a liquid.
  8.  Sandal wood is really great for skin.
  9. Sandal wood helps in getting fairer skin.
  10. Mix Sandal Oil in Olive Oil and Almond Oil. Message on body. It’s very effective.
  11. Add a little Sandal Wood Oil in water while taking bath. It wills fresh your skin.

 Sandal Face Pack:

Take sandalwood.

Chopped them finely.

Mix it well with Rose Water.

Apply on face.

Leave it for 15 minutes.

Wait until it dry.

Wash with water.

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