Easy Tips For Hands Care

Beautiful Hands

Hands Care

“I will never let you go  … Your hands and your heart are my home …”

Hands are the most noticeable part of the body. They must need proper attention as we give to the face. Our face might get noticed first but your hands get the maximum exposure. Hand care plays vital role in beauty. Harsh sun and dry winds effects badly on hands. Hands could be damaged if they are in direct contact with drying elements like detergents, hot water etc. so hands should be treat with proper care. By spending some time we can take good care of our hands. By following some easy tips, we can maintain the natural beauty of the hands.

  • Always use gloves for washing clothes and dish washing.
  • Put sun screen and sun block on your arms and hands, wearing sleeve less in before going out side in sun.
  • Apply hand lotion after dishwashing and clothes washing.
  • Apply rich moisturizer, lotion on hands after taking bath in winter season and as well as any time when you seem dryness.
  • Message your hands with hand cream twice a week for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Massage hands once a week with olive oil having a little bit salt added to it. 
  • Take sugar and butter; rub on your hands for 10 minutes. It’s a Hand Scrub. It removes dirt. 
  • Rub a slice of lemon or a raw potato on hands. This is to remove Hand Scars & Stains.
  • Add 1 tea sp lemon juice and 1 tea sp of olive oil, rose water, glycerin and diluted ammonia. Mix them. Save them in a bottle and apply on hands 3-4 times daily. It is a home made Hand Lotion.
  • Take glycerin, rose water and lemon in equal quantity. Mix them. Preserve them in a bottle. It’s the best Hand Lotion.
  • Dip your nails in warm baby oil for 5 minutes for nice looks and shine.

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