Stain Removal

Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains

1. Stubborn Stains:

To remove oil stains from woolen clothes. Apply a little curd over the areas and wash it after some time. Stain will vanish. To remove stains from melamine crockery, apply a little vinegar on them. all the stains will wash away easily.

Egg Shell

Egg Shell Uses

2. Egg Shell Uses:

Put egg shell to good use by powdering them in the mixer. It will clean the mixer blades. You can also use the powder for scrubbing vessels.

Bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd For Skin

3. Glowing Skin Free Of Blackheads & Pimples:

Rub the scrapings of bitter gourd all over the face. Leave for few minutes. Wash it. Not only you will get glowing skin but also get rid of black heads.

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil For Dried & Chafed Skin

4. Dried & Chafed Skin Remedy:

If your skin has dried and developed cracks. Apply Mustard oil on it every night before going to bed. In no time you will have a baby soft skin.


bowl of strawberries

5. Get Yummy Strawberries:

Add the juice of one orange to a bowl full of strawberries for enhanced the flavor.




6. Packing House:

When you plan to stay away from home for a long time, scatter “Neem” Leaves in all the rooms and cupboards. Your house will not smell of dust. When you return, it will also be free of creepy insects.


Lentils Care

7. Lentil Care:

Apply a little castor oil to ‘Daal’ before storing in containers. This will prevent fungal growth and keeps it fresh. However care should be taken to thoroughly wash the ‘Daal’ before use.


Peeling Garlic

8. Peeling Garlic:

Peeling garlic can be made easy by soaking the flakes in water over night.


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