Trends In Pakistani Fashion

Pakistan fashion Dresses

Pakistani Dresses

Pakistani Dresses:

 Un Stitched Clothes:

Pakistani dresses are a symbol of beauty in west. New trends have been formed this year 2011. a huge collection of lawn has been come. Many famous designers have been launched their lawn collection the very first time like Nomi Ensnarl. HSY, Deepak Perwani, Bonanza Lawn Series. All the fabulous designs are available. Some are stitched some are un stitched. They all are worth seeing. Light colour has nicely blended. Typical lawn brands have also done well. Firdous collection, Ithead Clothing, Sitara Supreme lawn, Sana Safina Lawn, JJ Collection, Breeze Kayseria Summer Collection, Gull Ahmad, Al Karam. They have used white and black colour mostly in their prints.

Shirts with borders and panels are the taste of the year. Embroider patches have been flourished. Embroidered Necks have been seen this year even on prints. They all are eye catching. Shiffion Dupata is still in. Lawn Dupata is also with huge collection. Some brands have introduced embroidered trousers with their collection. 4 Piece Suits are also available in market. In which front and back of shirt and arms are given separate with trousers or shalwar.

Stitched Clothes:

The year 2011 brings awesome trends in Pakistani fashion. Many shades of fashion have been seen this year. A huge design is here to follow. Not a single trend is in. Now every body has to taste fashion. Some common and adorable styles of Pakistani fashion 2011 are as below.

Frock Dress:

Different kinds of frock are presented to wear.

Umbrella Frock:

It is an umbrella cutting frock upper body could be attached separately. It can be wear with Churi Dar pajama.

Anarkali Frock:

Anarkali frock is fitted from waist and hips while the bottom is flared like an umbrella frock. It looks nice to wear it on semi formal or formal. Either with Churi pajama or trousers.

A-Line Shirt:

A Line Shirts are very much since last year in Pakistani fashion. A-line shirts are long in length and are with wide‘daaman. This year they are more in with Churi Dar Pajama.

Straight Long Shirts:

Shirts with Long Length above the 40 inches are also in fashion collection. They are straight long shirt wear with shalwar or trouser that up to you.

Long Shirts with Drop Corner Or Tails:

It looks really beautiful to wear long shirt with dropping corners or tail behind. The tail would be in U Shape.

Paneled Shirt:

Shirts with panels in different colors, prints and embroidery have also been introduced in Pakistani fashion dresses.  Panels are used in different style, some starting from shoulder, others in a triangular shape and yet others in various different styles.

Straight-Loose kurtas:

Loose Kurta with “Shirwani collars” and round buttons are a new mixture of trend this year. Use Light colors for summers. Churi dar Pajama are yet again combined with these.


Kaftan, in light and dark colors, with embroidery and hand prints, in chiffons and summer stuffs, is another fashion trend of the year. It is another fashion to make Pakistani women elegant.

Long Churi Dar sleeves:

Long Churi dar sleeves are IN fashion now and short sleeves, sleeve less and half sleeves have gone out of fashion.

Loose trousers:

Loose trousers have still not gone out of fashion. They are still a part this year.

Churi Dar Pajama:

It is the latest trend in fashion now a day even with casuals. Pakistani women are crazy for it. It looks grace ful and classic wearing it either with Long straight shirt, A Line shirt or with Frocks. So must go for it.


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